Bottling the Home Harvest

Bottling the Home Harvest

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There really is nothing better than opening the pantry to see rows of gleaming glass botttles filled with glowing fruit.

Bottling is much easier than it looks, and is by far the most effective and efficient way of storing large quantities of fruit through the winter, not to mention a wonderful path to eating more independently, frugrally and deliciously.

This full day workshop is designed for both newcomers to bottling who are keen to re establish a family tradition of preserving as well as those who have already experimented with the basic techniques and are now seeking to develop and extend their knowledge.

This workshop will cover both the theory and the practice of bottling using a Fowler's Vacola over pre and post lunch sessions, including:

Familiarisation with the the main types of Vacola unit - the old stovetop unit as well as older and newer electric thermostat controlled models
The jar sizes and shapes and best uses for them
Preparing jars, lids and rings for bottling
Preparing fruit and syrups
Techniques and recipes for bottling apples, apricots, peaches, plums, quinces, pears, tomatoes
Packing and bottling
Temperature ranges and control
Two practice runs using seasonal fruit (apples or stone fruit plus tomatoes): these are yours to take home and of course you can re-use the bottles and lids
Troubleshooting common issues and problems

The day will include a simple delicious long table lunch prepared using ingredients from the tangly kitchen garden which we'll pick and prepare together.